People & Organizational Transformation

Pelago supports leaders in managing their teams during strategically driven transformations, securing results and ROI in every step of the change journey.

Regardless if you need help in planning and completing re-organizations, leadership or team development, during mergers and acquisitions or succession planning, we support our clients across their entire transformation agenda.

Pelago’s senior team of psychologists, leadership experts & associated senior HR-partners help leaders to diagnose their organization’s needs and abilities to assure the right improvement initiatives. Based on a thorough analysis, we work closely together with you to create a solution that meets your unique needs to ensure a successful transformation program and secure the right organizational set-up.


  • Organizational Insight
  • Human & Organizational Due Diligence
  • Management Team Development
  • Succession Planning
  • Re-organizations & Organizational Transformations (e.g. Labor Law advisory, designing HR operations)


  • Leadership, Communication & Engagement 
  • Assessment & Development
  • Individual Guidance & Coaching Sessions
  • Career Guidance (e.g. Outplacement)