Interim Management

Interim Management is an immediate and effective solution during all kinds of change or simply when your company is lacking the right capacity or knowledge.

Interim Management applies to all functions as well as to running a specific project or program. A fast, cost-effective and value-adding solution that is successfully used in cases of vacancies, change and transformation.

Executive Interim Management offers our clients great flexibility and adaption to each unique situation and client. Within a matter of days, a qualified Interim Manager or specialist is at hand assuming full operational responsibility, being fully focused on the agreed assignment.

In addition, our network of external Advisors offers tailor-made and timely strategical advice to CEOs, management teams and Boards in times of change and transformation. Regardless if you as a CEO or Board have a specific issue on your table or undergoing a more extensive transformation, a Senior Advisor can be there to support you, drawing upon their vast knowledge based on many years in demanding C-level and Board positions.

How it works

Pelago works free of charge until the consultant starts the actual assignment. Our consultants act as sub-contractors to Pelago AB. As client you only pay for the actual time worked. The fee includes all costs such as pension, social security and Pelago’s interim fee.

We greatly value our role as long-term business partners and the continuous dialogue with our clients and consultants, during and between our assignments.


Examples of circumstances and situations when interim solutions are most frequently applied and add value to our clients:

  • Filling a gap – in case of vacancies, sick leave or parental leave
  • Driving change – improvements of processes, functions or units
  • Transformation / Growth – e.g. preparation and implementation of initial public offerings, M&A
  • Crisis Management – turnaround, integration
  • Project Management
  • Strategic Advice to boards, owners, management teams, CEO (individual/group)
  • Project and Transformation Management
  • Relocating and/or establishing businesses and teams
  • Adding competence in remote or challenging localizations/positions