Executive Assessment & Management Audits

By applying evidence based assessment methods, we offer our clients a strong business understanding paired with genuine psychologist expertise.

At Pelago, we have extensive experience from working with assessments of executives and executive teams.

Our consultants’ business understanding as well as their psychological expertise make us credible and relevant for both candidates and clients. Our deep understanding of different corporate cultures and functions, combined with our structured and evidence-based methodology, provide us also with a great platform to act as speaking partner towards key decision makers.

better understanding of your leadership 

Assessments for both selection and development purposes add highly relevant and objective input during succession planning and selection decisions. We support our clients with second opinions and we conduct development assessments to support key persons in an organisation to reach their full potential.

Reviewing all key persons in an organisation through a management audit and development review are other examples of deliveries, where our combined expertise in psychological assessment and genuine business understanding comes into play.

Assessments are also often an integrated part of broader client engagement within People & Organizational Transformation and in the process of Executive Search.