Facilitating Sustainable Change

At Pelago, our vision is to act as a bridge between leaders from all sectors to facilitate the development of a more sustainable society.

Many of the great challenges we face together as a society are only solved if leaders from all sectors – private, public and NGOs – come together.

We fully realise that we as a firm cannot solve any cross-sector problem on our own. However, we have extensive networks among senior value-driven leaders. By bringing these leaders together as well as utilising our ability to develop leaders and organizations, we come closer to making good things happen.

Our services in this area come in many shapes and forms. As an example, we have for many years supported a leading, international human rights organization across all aspects of their leadership agenda and coached them into becoming more intertwined with the business sector. We have also acted as speaking partners to the founders of an innovative school, located in a relatively impoverished area in Stockholm, as they laid the foundation for a school that truly makes a difference in young people’s lives. Moreover, we have founded a consultancy company within diversity & inclusion management, CloseTheGap, which advises CEOs and Boards on diversity and inclusion matters. Finally, we are continuously bringing great leaders from different organisations together so that great people can get to know each other and thereby start changing the world.

If you are interested in working with us, please reach out and we will find out how and in which form we could collaborate with you and your organization.

Some of our partners