Board & CEO Services

Pelago works side by side with owners and Boards in assessing and developing the work of both board of directors and CEOs.

Increasingly both owners and Board of Directors wish to continuously assess and develop how the Board as well as the CEO function. As a leadership adviser, we support our clients as a trusted partner across all these services in assignments often requiring a great deal of experience and discretion.

There are many drivers behind this development with increased focus on ethics, diversity, sustainability and digitalisation being a few key drivers, but also an increasingly competitive environment, where high-performing Boards and CEOs are vital.

As more and more shareholders want to assume increased responsibility and act in a more transparent manner, the importance of continuously developing the way the Board performs has also grown.

Board Services

A truly competitive board is today often equal to a diversified Board. Boards need to act as a role models when it comes to diversity. Lately, boards are also under scrutiny as regards adherence to corporate governance and sustainability policies, which has also led to a need for structured and objective reviews of the Board.

Pelago therefore offers a wide range of board services aimed at making sure the work of the Board is both objectively assessed and constructively developed.

  • Board Reviews
  • Board Director and Chair searches
  • Board Succession Planning

CEO Services

Over the years, it has become evident that there is a need for Boards to assume a more proactive approach towards CEO succession planning. There are many ways a Board can make sure they are on top of CEO-succession.

  • CEO succession pipeline planning
  • CEO Reviews
  • Executive development and onboarding