Support from us in times of crisis - Pelago
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Support from us in times of crisis

The Coronavirus, is spreading across large parts of the world, creating massive and unexpected challenges for companies. At this very moment management teams, owners and board members are working hard to handle the new situation, in which predictions of what will happen are still difficult to make. One thing is clear: everyone is affected, and changes need to be made quickly.


During crises, leadership, teamwork and prioritizing become more important than ever. In order to succeed in this extraordinary situation questions like “what is the best way to organize a company after a sudden change in business strategy”, “how do we identify the best suited individuals to lead a radical transformation” and “what is needed in order to keep employees engaged and high performing” arise. In addition, senior leaders and management teams are under an enormous individual pressure and quickly need to make sure that they, on a personal level, can perform at their best.


Given the current situation Pelago is now further extending its offering to support on these related issues. Pelago’s senior team of psychologists, leadership experts & associated partners have the winning aspiration of supporting our clients under these special circumstances.