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What we do

When dreaming about Pelago, we dreamt about changing the basic perspective of our industry and build a firm who engage broadly and in-depth as a speaking partner to our clients to solve their most important leadership challenges.


Our leadership services offering is therefore often tailor-made, but fall in to four main categories: Executive Assessment & Development, CEO & Board Services, Executive Search and Facilitating sustainable change


We work with key decision makers (e.g. owners, boards, CEOs & management teams) to make leadership into their competitive advantage.



People invest vast amount of their time and energy into their work. Work is not only a way to make a living – it is also part of many people’s identity and thereby closely linked to happiness, health and satisfaction in life as a whole. Making sure people are matched, developed and nurtured within the right organisation and in the right role is therefore something we strongly believe in.


At Pelago, we have extensive experience from working with assessment and development of executives and executive teams. We follow research findings closely and set pride in working in an evidence based way and with methods that are the best available on the market.


Assessments are conducted for selection or development purposes and as core input to succession planning. We support our clients with second opinions and we conduct assessments to support key persons in an organisation to reach their full potential.

Reviewing all key persons in an organisation through management audits and development reviews are other examples of deliveries where our combined expertise in psychological assessment and genuine business understanding comes to play.


Development initiatives such as executive team development and executive coaching are often used to secure and improve performance, motivation and retention in organisations. The long-term effect of such initiatives is often not obvious, and there is a huge difference between a merely motivating team building exercise and a thorough executive team development process having real impact in an organization over time.


To us, a genuine ambition to make a real difference is an important denominator for taking on assignments. We do not take on assignments as inspirational coaches or team builders, instead we support our clients as strategic advisors in leadership and organizational development over time.



Increasingly both owners and Board of Directors wish to continuously assess and develop how the Board and CEO function. There are many drivers behind this development with increased focus on diversity, sustainability and digitalisation being a few key drivers, but naturally also an increasingly competitive environment and speed of change. Consequently, Pelago works side by side with owners and Boards in assessing and developing the work of both board of directors and CEOs.


As more and more shareholders want to assume increased responsibility and act in a more transparent manner, the importance of continuously developing the way the Board performs has grown. In addition, a truly competitive Board is today regarded as being equal to a diversified Board, which has led to an increased focus on making sure a Board is acting as a role model when it comes to diversity. Lately, Boards are also under scrutiny as regards adherence to corporate governance and sustainability policies, which also has led to a need for structured and objective reviews. Pelago therefore offers a wide range of board services aimed at making sure the work of the Board is both objectively assessed and genuinely developed. Our services include:

  • Board reviews
  • Board Director and Chair searches
  • Board succession planning

Needless to say, as Boards go digital, so does also the assessment tools we provide.


Over the years, it has also become evident that there is a need for Boards to assume a more proactive approach towards CEO succession planning. There are many ways a Board can make sure they are on top of CEO-succession. These include:


  • CEO succession pipeline planning
  • CEO-reviews
  • Executive development and onboarding


We support our clients as a trusted partner across all these services in assignments requiring a great deal of experience and discretion.



Our passion at Pelago is to connect great leaders and thereby enabling them to lead corporations and organizations towards sustainable change and stronger results.


Within Executive Search, we work across different sectors with a focus on senior executives such as CEOs, Board Directors and Group Management Team Members. As digitalisation is disrupting our industry, the executive search industry needs to move away from being a partner focusing on identifying candidates, into someone who truly adds value in also assessing and onboarding the right leaders. Over the years, we have therefore substantially developed how we work within executive search.


Today the process is less focused on the identification phase, but more focused on making sure we place leaders with a solid track record, great potential and sound values. Our executive search process is extensive and based on evidence-based selection methods, covering all aspects of the candidate including extensive psychological assessments, 360 degree references and a cultural match assessment.

Given the importance of having leaders with sound values who want to make a real difference, we also pay specific attention to the level of maturity our candidates portray in this respect. Needless to say, we aspire to always place as diversified candidates as possible, thereby making sure our clients benefit from the entire talent pool.


As a firm and as individuals, we have vast experience from working with executive search targeting clients in both public (large-, mid-, small-cap) and private equity settings, assisting them in building their leadership teams. When working with Pelago, you choose to work with a leadership advisory firm with some of the most senior consultants in the Nordics. You will get seamless support and have our full personal attention throughout the entire process.



Many of the great challenges we face together as a society are only solved if leaders from all sectors – private, public and NGOs – come together. At Pelago, our vision is to act as a bridge between leaders from all sectors to facilitate the development of a more sustainable society.


We fully realise that we as a firm cannot solve any cross-sector problems on our own. However, we have extensive networks among senior leaders and by bringing them together as well as by utilising our ability to develop leaders and organizations, we come closer to making good things happen.

Our services in this area come in many different shapes and forms. We are e.g. supporting a leading human rights organization across all aspects of their leadership agenda as they aspire to become an internationally respected human rights organization. We also act as speaking partners to the founders of an innovative school, located in a relatively impoverished area in Stockholm, as they lay the foundation for a school that truly makes a difference in young people’s lives. By working actively with non-profit organisations, we come closer to our ambition to connect the private sector more closely to NGOs and social entrepreneurs.


If you as a leader or organisation is interested to work with us in facilitating a better society, please reach out to us and we will find out how and in which form we could collaborate with you and your organization.