Our services - Pelago
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What we do

When dreaming about Pelago, we dreamt about changing the basic perspective of our industry and build a firm who engage broadly and in-depth as a speaking partner to our clients to solve their most important leadership challenges.


Our leadership services offering is therefore often tailor-made, but fall in to four main categories: Executive Assessment & Development, CEO & Board Services, Executive Search and Facilitating sustainable change


We work with key decision makers (e.g. owners, boards, CEOs & management teams) to make leadership into their competitive advantage.



At Pelago, we have extensive experience from working with assessment and development of executives and executive teams. We follow research findings closely and set pride in working in an evidence based way and with methods that are the best available on the market. Making sure people are matched, developed and nurtured within the right organisation and in the right role is something we strongly believe in.




Increasingly both owners and Board of Directors wish to continuously assess and develop how the Board and CEO function. There are many drivers behind this development with increased focus on diversity, sustainability and digitalisation being a few key drivers, but naturally also an increasingly competitive environment and speed of change. Consequently, Pelago works side by side with owners and Boards in assessing and developing the work of both board of directors and CEOs.




Our passion at Pelago is to connect great leaders and thereby enabling them to lead corporations and organizations towards sustainable change and stronger results. Within Executive Search, we work across different sectors with a focus on senior executives such as CEOs, Board Directors and Group Management Team Members.




Many of the great challenges we face together as a society are only solved if leaders from all sectors – private, public and NGOs – come together. At Pelago, our vision is to act as a bridge between leaders from all sectors to facilitate the development of a more sustainable society.