Our approach - Pelago
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Our approach

Pelago was founded with the ambition to bring new perspectives on leadership to our clients and industry. We are committed to leadership success, and our goal is to partner with leaders and organisations wanting to make a real difference and that truly believe that leadership matters.


We act as speaking partners to individuals, teams and organisations on a broad set of leadership issues. Our true belief is that we have an ability and responsibility to make a difference to people’s lives and contribute to a better society.


Many of the great challenges we, as a society, face today will only be solved if leaders from all sectors – private, public and NGOs – come together. Thus, an essential part of our firm’s DNA is to contribute to a more sustainable and diversified society. We work actively with e.g. leading international human rights organizations and social entrepreneurs with the ambition to connect the private sector more closely to NGOs and thereby actively facilitate a sustainable society.


We strive to be known as a team with a collaborative approach and a personal style, always assuming long-term responsibility and a strong focus on quality in all we do. We will be honest, challenging and transparent towards all our stakeholders, and aspire to work closely with you when you develop your organisation and/or yourself as a leader.